Hello There

Remember how I was the master of the obvious back on the home page? I’m going to do that again.

My name is Abigail Pollock. Based in New York, I’m an SEO copywriter who works with digital marketing businesses. I can help you create concise, informative blog posts that reinvestment back into your marketing strategy.

Here’s What You Get

  • A collaborator- someone who genuinely loves working with others to create content
  • Research, organization, and structure
  • Respect for the mission and direction of your company/brand
  • Communication for the best results
  • Deadline and goal-oriented workflow
  • A remote writer (E.g. No travel costs, office renting, or face-to-face interview hassle)

Based Upon My Experience


Abigail was amazing! She completely nailed the message I wanted to deliver on my About page and did it with style. It was everything I wanted to say but just couldn’t put together anywhere’s close to how well she did.”


Haul It Away Services

Let’s Get To Work

Being a jack of all trades is never a good idea. You sacrifice your time, health, and efficiency. Sometimes even that of your team members who could be working on other projects.

So when you invest in me, you’ll be hiring someone who knows the formulas and lives to work with them!