Motivation VS Willpower: Which One Can Truly Help You?

Motivation Is A Market

From YouTube channels with powerful stock videos of athletes and lions to Instagram pages dropping mind-blowing quotes on the hour, gurus and life coaches are laughing to the bank. I applaud them in all seriousness.

We, as a collective species, can’t kick ourselves into gear.

You have to do it. You might even want to do it. But you don’t.

There are plenty of factors that go into a lack of motivation, many of which are personable. To give an example, IATC notes self-dictatorship and over contentment. Doing too little can also link to an unmotivated lifestyle according to another article by Better Help.

There’s a lot that correlates with motivation. Almost too much. And I

m fully convinced that relying on motivation to carry us throughout our lives is a hopeless cause.

So what am I trying to say here?

Here’s my theory.

Motivation = A High That Wears Off

Harnessing your motivation is never going to work. It’s a here one second, gone the next concept. You’ll be ‘motivated’ for a while and get stuff done- but by the next day, you’re back where you started. The lust to finish your paper or continue pitching to clients just isn’t there.

That’s why we want to feel motivated. We want the high that will carry us through the rest of the day, so we hop on the internet, searching for videos, quotes, self-help books, and the like.

It’s all a waste of time because motivation (in itself) doesn’t exist.

So what do you actually need?

The Answer: Willpower

You don’t need motivation, you need willpower. That may sound contradictory, but before we continue, I’ll sum it up:

Motivation: The word doesn’t have much of a definition. On Merriam-Webster, motivation is said to be ‘the act or process of motivating’. When you do some digging, motivation comes down to an outside stimulus that drives one to act.

Willpower: The definition of willpower according to Merriam-Webster is ‘the ability to control one’s actions, emotions, and urges’, as well as the ‘strong determination that allows one to do something difficult’.

Willpower Explained

First, unlike motivation, which requires two hours of Gary Vaynerchuk daily, we know that willpower doesn’t come from an outside force. It starts within the core of you as a human. That’s why the will to live keeps us going.

Second, willpower is like a stronger, pre-installed form of self-discipline that is subconscious.

To further explain the definition of willpower, you wrangle your actions because jumping headfirst is stupid. Emotions can be altered because beating others when you’re angry isn’t rational. The urge you get when you want to remain in bed all day is powered through because you know life can’t wait. These are controllable forces that stem from your will to control them- not your motivation.

Lastly, willpower keeps us going. It’s a pre-installment of determination. Willpower pushes you through the fatigue of your mind, body, and soul, and reminds you that you’ll always be where you are if you don’t keep going every single day.

Willpower doesn’t let you quit.


Replacing Motivation with Willpower

You were born with willpower. It was the driving force that kept you trying to walk and learn as a toddler. Stop shutting it down. Bring willpower to the forefront of your mindset whenever you’re stuck. Don’t look for motivation.

Look at what you’re about to do from an angle of completion. Remind yourself that you’re a working, living human being who has an obstacle in your way. This wall is going to be overcome and it’s your duty as an individual to do just that.

It might sound a bit ‘animal brain’ to you, but willpower is as natural as it gets.

Exercise your willpower.

Before you go, I have a few questions for you:

  1. Do you believe in willpower > motivation?
  2. How have you struggled when it comes to being motivated?
  3. After analyzing your life, where do you believe that your raw willpower is most prevalent?

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