Why Blogging Will Make You A Richer Digital Marketer

Not interested in blogging?

Tough luck, buddy. If you’re a digital marketer of any kind, starting a blog is one of the best ways to enhance your earning potential.

And if you’re not interested in doing that, I have no doubt you’ve gone off the deep end.

Blogging works like any other marketing tactic, such as social media, web pages, or emails- except it can be a bit easier to manage and control.

Don’t buy into the talk that blogs are a waste of time or dying off. If you want to increase your value as a digital marketer (or business owner of any kind, for that matter), don’t ignore your website’s blog.

Where to begin?

1. Blogs Boost SEO

Don’t just leave the SEO configuration for your website’s main pages. Blogging continuously puts forth new content that creates new layers of optimization every time you post.

As you build up your blog, you’re able to expand your keyword reach. You can pull from larger websites with external links, and add extra backup through internal links that bring older content to the surface.

Fresh updates, new things to post on your socials, plenty of writing and SEO practice.

2. Blogging Builds Credibility

You know your stuff, otherwise, you wouldn’t be a digital marketer or business owner. You have the ability to share your experience via a conversation on social media, within interviews, and of course, via your portfolio and services.

So why not share some of your knowledge in bulk?

This builds credibility with your readers by demonstrating that:

  • You know what you’re talking about
  • You’re willing to share information/lessons with them for free
  • You have discipline when it comes to providing consistent content

Don’t underestimate the value these factors have in the eyes of your readers.

3. Blogging Welcomes Engagement

Your website should be a place where your audience has the ability to not only reach out, but also participate. Don’t leave engagement as a quick, one-off chore for Twitter.

When you have the ability to create a main-platform-centered community for your readers, it opens up for conversation, new perspectives, and the opportunity for mini-experiments. You’ll be able to further study your audience.

What are they struggling with most? What information do they appreciate most? Is there any information you’re offering that they don’t believe is necessary to their case?

Let your audience have a voice, and don’t ignore it!

4. You’ll Always Look Active

A website can feel cold or distant without a blog. A blog welcomes people in with recent dates that make your website more lively.

Another factor that goes into this is that people can be thrown off if a business leaves blogging out of their brand.

First, they won’t have instant confirmation of what you’re up to.

And second, people like knowing what you’re up to- especially if you post about the currently trending topics or news in your industry.

This circles right back around to credibility. Blogs keep you trendy and remind your readers that you aren’t dead.

5. Blogging Enables Further Monetization

Blogs are excellent platforms to talk about affiliates and/or your own products.

You could be writing a blog post about email marketing, so you bring up a great book to recommend and promote.

Or, you’re writing about the importance of branding, and you happen to have a course on teaching people how to create a powerful, evergreen brand for themselves.

Blogs are like a mini stage. It’s a lot easier to further your conversion rates when you have a platform that provides relevant, helpful, and relatable information first.

6. You Can Establish Your Brand…

There are many factors that go into your business’s brand, and a blog can help you explore or further flesh out your:

  • Tone & Voice
  • Areas of expertise
  • Formatting
  • Interests
  • Graphic Design
  • Etc, etc…

Your blog can be a little more personalized than the rest of your website. Think of your website as the main cafe- and the blog as your sitting area. Useful, but lax!

7. …And Target Audience

There’s a certain type of people that will be honing in on your content as a whole. A good chunk of these people is your potential customers.

They’re looking for something specific- hopefully this something being an area you’ve researched and planned for.

For example, let’s say you focus on boosting your customers’ social media marketing. You can explain social media tactics, analytics, hacks, and so forth, in your blog.

Giving away just enough to create an audience- holding back just enough to make them want your product or service for the real deal.

8. Blogs = Unlimited Reusable Content

Blog posts haul their load for your business. They can be reused for:

  • Rotating Social Media Posts
  • Email Marketing
  • Portfolio Pieces
  • YouTube Videos
  • Podcast Episodes
  • eBooks
  • Freebie Guides
  • Internal Linking (Cough, cough, SEO, cough)

And the list could go on forever if you get creative enough! It’s like creating one giant storage of your writing that can be recycled over time.

For example, let’s say you wrote a blog post on differentiating B2C and B2B marketing. You’re running out of ideas for podcast episodes.

You check the analytics for that blog post and realize it was a pretty hot topic for aspiring digital marketers. Boom- podcast script outline.

Or, maybe you wrote some blog post sequences a while back that had to do with creating in-depth buyer personas. You want to elaborate on the subject with an eBook.

Boom- five chapters complete. Plus, you can go back to those blog posts and drop the scoop on exclusive information found in your new eBook!

Final Notes

Don’t stick your nose up at blogging. It’s not a hobby game anymore if you don’t want it to be.

Blogs are a profitable investment for any business looking to scale their outreach, traffic, and eventually, conversions.

Put in the effort to create content that’s worth both you and your readers’ time. The return will stretch far into the future.

Stay consistent, be genuine, and don’t stop writing!

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